Transfers of patients happen all the time. It’s easy to think about transfers as only those that involve an ambulance and moving patients from one hospital to the next, but in reality it’s far more extensive than that. We all move patients all the time, whether that be the unwell patient in the upstairs of their house to the ambulance, the patient in the Emergency Department to the CT scanner or another ward, or the more traditional interhosptal transfer.

Transfers of patients are inherently high risk times for the patient and having some background knowledge on transfers and a structured approach helps us ensure the best possible care for our patients. In this episode we run through transfers with the help of an expert on the topic, Scott Grier a Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia at Southmead Hospital in Bristol, the South West Critical Care Network Lead for Transfer, and a PreHospital Critical Care Doctor with GWAAC.


SimonRob & James


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  • Hi
    I really loved this episode. My background is pediatric ITU so I am very used to Children’s acute transport . I found it very strange when I moved to adult A&E and found myself involved in all manner of odd transports between sites.
    I am a dissertation away from finishing my MSc and I planning on a project in this area. Hoping to hear more about an adult acute transport network soon!

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