So an incredibly important paper, CRASH-3, has just been published in the Lancet, which looks at the treatment of head injuries with Tranexamic Acid (TXA).

TXA has been shown to save lives in trauma patients at the risk of major haemorrhage, with the notable exclusion of those with head injuries, CRASH-2. TXA has been shown to save lives in those with post parts haemorrhage, WOMAN trial. Time to treatment with TXA has been shown to be hugely influential in it’s ability to decrease blood loss and save lives. So has TXA now been shown to save lives in head injuries?

In this episode we run through the paper and are lucky enough to have an interview with the lead author, Professor Ian Roberts.

Have a listen, read the paper and as always we’d love to hear any thoughts or comments you have on the website and via twitter, and take a look at the references below to draw your own conclusions.


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Does earlier TXA save lives? St Emlyns



Professor Ian Roberts

CRASH-3; StEmlyns




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