So the three of us are back together and going to take on Sepsis! It's vital to have a sound understanding of sepsis. It has a huge morbidity and mortality but importantly there is so much that we can do both prehospital and in hospital to improve patient outcomes. In the podcast we cover the… Read More


Handover matters. Handover of patient care occurs at multiple points in the patient's journey and is a crucial point for transference of information and inter professional working. Whether it's the big trauma in Resus and the prehospital services presenting to the big crowd, right the way through to the patient coming to minors who looks… Read More

Traumatic Arrest

Traumatic Cardiac Arrest; for many of us an infrequent presentation and it that lies the problem. In our previous cardiac arrest podcast we talked about the approach to the arresting patient, however in trauma the approach change significantly. We require a different set of skills and priorities and having the whole team on board whilst… Read More


Last time in Roadside to Resus we discussed cardiac arrest with a view to obtaining a return in spontaneous circulation, ROSC. However gaining a ROSC is just one step along the long road to discharging a patient with a good neurological function back into the community. In fact ROSC is really where all of the… Read More

Cardiac Arrest

We have a significant way to go with respect to our cardiac arrest management. ‘Cardiopulmoary Resuscitation is attempted in nearly 30,000 people who suffered OHCA in England each year, but survival rates are low and compare unfavourably to a number of other countries’ -  Resuscitation to Recovery 2017 25% of patients get a ROSC with 7-8% of… Read More


Asthma is a common disease and presents to acute healthcare services extremely frequently. The majority of presentations are mild exacerbations of a known diagnosis and are relatively simple to assess and treat, many being completely appropriate for out patient treatment. On the other hand around 200 deaths per year are attributable in the UK to… Read More

Acute Heart Failure

This is the first of what we hope will be a permanent feature, of the Roadside to Resus podcasts. We've been joined by James Yates, a Critical Care Paramedic with the Great Western Air Ambulance to make it a truly multidisciplinary team. Each monthly episode we'll be discussing acute presentations, including the latest and most… Read More