Cardiac Arrest Masterclass

Cardiac arrest management is core business of a resuscitationist and practice is constantly evolving in the pursuit of improving patient outcomes. We were lucky enough to be invited to the London Trauma Conference's Cardiac Arrest Masterclass stream, where Matt Thomas put on a superb array of talks around all things cardiac arrest. We managed to… Read More

Papers of December 2018

Well the year maybe coming to a close but the high quality papers keep on coming out! We've got 3 great articles to cover in this episode which have some key points to reflect on in our practice. First up we take a look at the application of Canadian c-spine rules by ED triage nurses… Read More

Chemicals, amputation and more…

We were delighted to be back to cover the joint Faculty of Prehospital Care and BASICS conference, day 2,  held at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Again we were absolutely spoilt for choice when it came to content for the podcasts but we managed to catch up with: • Dr Anne Weaver –… Read More

Sick Paeds, Extrication and Drowning

We were delighted to be invited to cover the joint Faculty of Prehospital Care and BASICS conference held at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. This two-day prehospital extravaganza covered a broad range of topics and the content was delivered by some excellent speakers. As such, we were absolutely spoilt for choice when it… Read More

Cricoid Pressure

We've heard a lot about advanced airway management recently, with some really significant publications over the last few months and in the last few weeks in JAMA we've had another! Cricoid pressure during emergency anaesthesia and for those at high risk of aspiration has been common place for more than half a century. But it's… Read More

Papers of November 2018

Welcome back to November's Papers Podcast. We've got 3 great papers for you again this month. First up we take a look at a paper that looks to quantify the amount of experience needed to be a proficient intubator, in this case in arrest. Next we have a look at a paper which shows a significant… Read More


With bonfire night approaching we thought it would be a good time to have a think about burns. However burns are a significant issue at all times of year with around 130,000 presentations to UK EDs annually, 10,000 cases are admitted to hospital, 500 of these have severe burns and 200 of these will die.… Read More

Papers of October 2018

Welcome back to October's Papers Podcast, this month we move airway from advanced airway management and bring you a broad array of papers. First up we have a look at the relative success of a variety of pharmacological strategies for managing the acutely agitated patient in ED. Next up we have look at the well… Read More

September 2018

Here are the papers that caught our eye over the last month, many of these will go onto form the topics for our monthly podcasts and topics which you can subscribe to here. Cardiac Arrest Extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation for cardiac arrest: A systematic review. Holmberg MJ.Resuscitation. 2018 Capnography during cardiac arrest. Sandroni C.Resuscitation. 2018 Cardiology Amiodarone for sustained stable ventricular tachycardia in… Read More