Transfers of patients happen all the time. It's easy to think about transfers as only those that involve an ambulance and moving patients from one hospital to the next, but in reality it's far more extensive than that. We all move patients all the time, whether that be the unwell patient in the upstairs of… Read More

Papers of May 2020

Welcome to May's papers of the month podcast. Hope you are all well and keeping safe. This month James joins Simon to discuss some of the great work published following the London Trauma Conference, all available in the hyperlinks on the website. First up we have a look at the incidence of prehospital hypotension and… Read More

Pelvic Injury

Fractures of the pelvis are found reasonably often in major trauma, but they’re a really challenging presentation. They are difficult to assess and accurately diagnose in the prehospital setting, mortality rates are high, particularly in patients with haemodynamic instability and there are often associated injuries. Associated mortality from patients with pelvic fractures who reach hospital is… Read More

Respiratory Strategies in COVID-19

So COVID-19 has produced a multitude of challenges to healthcare providers, the response to these challenges has been phenomenal. One uncertainty is the strategy we should employ for hypoxic respiratory failure and several high quality guidelines have presented conflicting advice for the severely hypoxic patient. The Warwick Clinical Trials Unit has already begun recruiting patients… Read More

Papers of April 2020

First we hope you're all well. The world has changed dramatically over the the last few weeks and you are all doing a phenomenal job of providing healthcare under extremely challenging circumstances. We are determined to add a bit of normality to life with a non-COVID-19 papers of the month, full of bad jokes and… Read More

Cutting edge PHEM

Excellent practice is led by following the high quality evidence based medicine, and there have been a lot of great papers published in the last 12 months! We were kindly invited to the Faculty of Pre Hospital Care Annual Scientific Conference to give a talk on the top 10 papers over the last year. Sadly,… Read More

Papers of March 2020

We've got a great spread of topics for you this month, stretching all the way from Prehospital Critical Care, to core Emergency Medicine topics. Those of us seeing 'non-specific' complaints will appreciate how difficult they can be to diagnose and manage effectively. We have a look at a paper that helps characterise this group and… Read More


Figures for the year ending September 2019 showed a 7% rise in offences involving knives or sharp instruments recorded by the police (to 44,771 offences). This is 46% higher than when comparable recording began (year ending March 2011) and the highest on record. The news is sadly littered with cases of knife crime and terror, and… Read More

Papers of February 2020

Welcome back! Three very different topics and papers for you this month. First up we have a look at the risk/benefit of sending troponins on patients aged 65 years an older when presenting with non-specific complaints; does this help their work up, or is this a classic case of over-testing? Next up we take a… Read More

Take a look at our Critical Appraisal Podcast and MCQ Course here

Take a look at our Critical Appraisal Podcast and MCQ Course here