Pre-hospital Care

This podcast covers some highlights from the talks at the BASICS and The Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care 2017 Conference. We were lucky enough to be invited by Caroline Leech to cover the day and managed to grab a couple of minutes with a handful of the superb speakers; Dr. Tom Evens; Elite sports for high… Read More

C Spine Immobilisation

C-spine immobilisation is a controversial topic because of a lack of high quality evidence from clinical trials. Historical approaches have been challenged, however NICE guidance continues to recommend 3-point immobilisation for all patients with suspected spinal injury despite considerable clinical equipoise. In this episode we discuss the complexities of balancing the risks and harms when… Read More

Trauma in ED ’17

So today Rob and I were lucky enough to be asked to attend the Trauma Care Conference 2017, to listen to some of the great talks and catch up with some of the speakers for their take on the highlights of the talks. We managed to catch the following speakers, here are the topics they… Read More

The AHEAD Study

Those of us who are a bit longer in the tooth have spent most of our careers not scanning everyone who sustained a head injury on warfarin, but in 2014 NICE published guidance suggesting we do just that. At times, with the huge burden we place on our radiology services, it is difficult not think… Read More

Anti coagulated head injuries

In 2014 NICE updated their guidelines on Head Injury: assessment and early management. This included specific guidance for those patients on warfarin Guidance regarding the ongoing observation of these patients is not contained within the guideline but as with much of Emergency Medicine variation between departments and regions vary in the threshold to admit patients… Read More

Trauma in the ED

So we were lucky enough to be asked to cover the Trauma Care Conference and specifically today's day focussing on Major Trauma in the Emergency Department. We managed to to get a few minutes of time from some of the superb speakers and get their  take home messages from their talks. Enjoy! Relevant Resources TraumaCare PHEMCAST … Read More


In this episode we were lucky enough to catch up with Sam Sadek, EM Consultant at The Royal London hospital and HEMS doctor and also Zaf Qasim EM Consultant in Delaware in the United States. Both have been heavily involved in the setup and delivery of REBOA service in their respective posts. In this podcast… Read More

Major Trauma; NICE 2016

So NICE has published it's guidelines on 'Major trauma; assessment and initial management', obviously it would be ideal for you to run through the full document yourself but to give you a flavour of the key points that we think will affect our practice here are what we consider to be the headlines;  The document Read More