If you're involved in the care of critically unwell patients then you will frequently encounter patients who are shocked. The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine defines shock as; 'Life-threatening, generalized form of acute circulatory failure associated with inadequate oxygen utilization by the cells. It is a state in which the circulation is unable to… Read More

TXA time to treatment

In this episode we cover a paper that you have to know about! The use of tranexamic acid(or TXA) has become widespread in the case of major trauma and bleeding and post partum haemorrhage. This time we discuss a recent paper that asks us if giving it within 3 hours is enough, or whether we… Read More

Massive PE Thrombolysis

If you talk to people about the topic of thrombolysis in PE they'll tell you about the controversy of the submassive category, but there's a universal acceptance that thrombolysing massive PE's is well evidenced and straight forward. In this episode we delve back into the literature and not only explore massive PE thrombolysis, but also… Read More

PE; the controversy!

It's never long before the topic of pulmonary embolism makes it back into the controversial lime light and a recent paper on the association of PE with syncope is the lastest reason. The PESIT trial, just published in the New England Journal of Medicine certainly grabs your attention when you read the abstract, with the… Read More


In this episode we were lucky enough to catch up with Sam Sadek, EM Consultant at The Royal London hospital and HEMS doctor and also Zaf Qasim EM Consultant in Delaware in the United States. Both have been heavily involved in the setup and delivery of REBOA service in their respective posts. In this podcast… Read More