Massive PE Thrombolysis

If you talk to people about the topic of thrombolysis in PE they'll tell you about the controversy of the submassive category, but there's a universal acceptance that thrombolysing massive PE's is well evidenced and straight forward. In this episode we delve back into the literature and not only explore massive PE thrombolysis, but also… Read More


Asthma is a common disease and presents to acute healthcare services extremely frequently. The majority of presentations are mild exacerbations of a known diagnosis and are relatively simple to assess and treat, many being completely appropriate for out patient treatment. On the other hand around 200 deaths per year are attributable in the UK to… Read More

BTS 2017 Oxygen Guideline

Oxygen is probably the drug that we give the most but possibly has the least governance over.  More has got to be good except in those at high risk of type II respiratory failure right?? Well as we know the evidence base has swung to challenge that idea in recent years and the new BTS… Read More

PE; the controversy!

It's never long before the topic of pulmonary embolism makes it back into the controversial lime light and a recent paper on the association of PE with syncope is the lastest reason. The PESIT trial, just published in the New England Journal of Medicine certainly grabs your attention when you read the abstract, with the… Read More

Asthma: 2016 BTS guideline

This week the British Thoracic Society have released an updated version of their guidelines on asthma. The document covers all aspects from diagnosis, treatment and follow up, in this podcast we briefly run through some of the aspects covered in the acute management section. Make sure you have a look at the full document that can… Read More

AHRF Guideline 2016

So in this short podcast we're going to run over the summary of recommendations just published by the British Thoracic Society and the Intensive Care society on the Ventilatory Management of Acute Hypercapnia Respiratory Failure in Adults. This isn't in anyway intended as a replacement for reading the document itself so please make sure you take the… Read More

Needle Thoracostomy

Needle decompression of a pneumothorax is a time critical and life saving procedure. Classical teaching is to perform this in the 2nd ICS midclavicular line but is this the easiest and most effective place to perform it? In this podcast I speak with Zaf Qasim, an EM physician in the US about the topic and… Read More