With bonfire night approaching we thought it would be a good time to have a think about burns. However burns are a significant issue at all times of year with around 130,000 presentations to UK EDs annually, 10,000 cases are admitted to hospital, 500 of these have severe burns and 200 of these will die.… Read More


Burns are a common presentation to the ED and can result in a significant degree or morbidity and mortality. In this podcast we talk through the approach¬†and treatment of burns along with some controversies in the literature regarding assessment of burn depth and fluid management. Enjoy! References The Parkland formula under fire: is the criticism… Read More

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is definitely one of those differentials that you consider when the patients books into ED with '?carbon monoxide poisoning'...... but how much do we really think about it in a patient that hasn't been sent down to the ED with this specific thought in mind. Rob Fenwick talks us through the key… Read More


Rob Fenwick talks to us about hypothermia right from it's definition through to the the difficulties and dilemmas of treatment. Including whether somebody is dead and cold or cold and dead, enjoy! Simon References Brown, D. J. A., Brugger, H., Boyd, J & Paal, P. (2012) Accidental hypothermia. New England Journal of Medicine. Volume 367,… Read More