GCS 8, intubate?

‘Patients with GCS scores of 8 or less require prompt intubation’, that’s what ATLS tells us. The mantra of GCS 8, intubate has pervaded teaching for those involved in the management of patients with a reduced GCS (Glasgow Coma Scale). But on reflection it would seem slightly odd that the gain or loss of a single point…

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So we're back from our summer hiatus with a real treat. The long awaited AIRWAYS-2 paper has just been released and we've been lucky enough to speak with the lead author, Professor Jonathan Benger, about the paper and discuss what the findings mean for cardiac arrest management. AIRWAYS-2 looks at the initial advanced airway management… Read More

RSI in critically unwell patients

Gaining control of the airway in a critically unwell patient is a key skill of the critical care team and littered with potential for difficulty and complications. NAP4 highlighted the real dangers faced with their review of complications of airway management in the UK, lessons have been learnt and practice has progressed. As always there… Read More


Epistaxis is an extremely common presentation to both Prehospital Emergency Services and Emergency Departments. The vast majority are benign and self limiting but every once in a while a catastrophic bleed will come our way. Whilst not necessarily the most attention grabbing of topics a sound understanding of the management is key to excellent care. In… Read More

RSI Debate; Aftermath

So my talk at the ICS SOA 2016 conference on whether ED should be allowed to intubate certainly provoked some discussion, which was fortunate as it was the purpose of the talk! If you haven't listened to it yet, stop reading this and have a listen to the talk here first. In this quick debrief between Rob and myself we… Read More

ED Doctors & RSI

RSI delivered by EM clinicians is common place throughout the globe, in the UK however it still seems a contentious topic, with recent data showing only 20% of ED RSIs being performed by EM clinicians. I was lucky enough to be asked to talk at the ICS SoA 2016 conference on the topic of EM… Read More