Papers of August 2018

Welcome to August's papers of the month. So this is our last offering for the summer until whilst we take a short break until September, so we had to finish off we 3 great papers! First up we look at the drug of the moment (or decade...) in tranexamic acid and the effect that it… Read More

Papers of July 2018

Welcome to July's papers podcast. There has been a plethora of superb and thought provoking papers published this month and we've got the best 3 that caught our eye for you. In this episode we look at the potential benefit of early vs late endoscopy in patients presenting with an acute upper GI bleed.  Next… Read More

Papers of June 2018

Welcome back to our monthly round up of the best papers in the resuscitation world. Again we've got 3 great papers covering some really important points of practice. First up we have a look at one of the most talked about diagnostic tests in Emergency Medicine, Troponin. We're are always looking to increase the sensitivity… Read More

Papers of May 2018

Dare we say it, we think this month's papers podcast is the best yet, we've got 3 superb papers and topics to consider! The literature has been pretty airway heavy this month so we've got 3 papers on and around the topic for you. First up we have a look at a really interesting paper… Read More

Papers of April 2018

Welcome back to April’s papers of the month. We’ve got 3 papers this month that look to challenge our work up strategies for the critically unwell. First up we look at a paper on the Ottawa subarachnoid haemorrhage rule, specifically considering if we can decrease scanning in patients with a suspected SAH and what application… Read More

Papers of March 2018

Welcome to March's papers of the month. We know we're biased but we've got 3 more superb papers for you this month! First up we review a paper looking at oxygen levels in patient's with a return of spontaneous circulation following cardiac arrest, is hyperoxia bad news for this patient group as well as the other… Read More

Papers of February 2018

Welcome back, we've got 3 absolute beauties of papers for you this month! You'll have struggled not to have heard about the ADRENAL trial, a trial of iv steroids in the sickest of patients with septic shock. We also have a look at a trial that many have been quoting as sound evidence for the utility… Read More

Papers of January 2018

Happy New Year!! Welcome back to the podcast and what we hope will be a superb year. We've got three excellent papers that are extremely relevant to our practice and will have an impact on practice. First up it's a paper looking at the benefit of iv versus oral paracetamol in the Emergency Department, something we… Read More

Papers of December ’17

You've got a critically unwell patient who needs an RSI. You've got lots of things to think about but specifically do you ramp them up or keep them supine, additionally do you use a checklist or are those things a complete waste of time? This month we have a look at 2 papers which should… Read More