Papers of May 2019

So first up a huge welcome to SJTREM, the free open access journal who we've teamed up with in the delivery of the podcast, every paper they publish is available online to read for free. Each month we'll be covering one of their papers in our Papers of the Month episodes, giving you the opportunity… Read More

Papers of April 2019

So we’ve got a massively important paper that we’re going to kick off April’s Papers of the Month podcast with, which is the RCT we’ve been waiting for; whether patients who have a ROSC should go to the cath lab, without a stemi, if the presumed cause is a coronary event? We’ve covered this topic…

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Papers of March 2019

We've got a broad array of topics and papers for you this month! First up we look at a paper from the NEJM assessing the potential benefits in providing ventilations to patients undergoing an RSI. Next we look at patients presenting with both syncope and pre-syncope to the emergency department, this paper quantifies the risk that… Read More

Papers of February 2019

Ketamine and trauma are the topics for this months papers. The three papers we cover are really important for all of us involved in the care of critically unwell patients. Hypotensive resuscitation in the context of trauma has been an evolving area of practice in the treatment of our acute trauma victims. A paper published… Read More

Papers of January 2019

Happy New Year!! Hopefully you got a bit of downtime over the festive period and are feeling suitably refreshed and ready to attack 2019! We've got 3 great papers to kick off the year. First up we look at the recent PReVENT trial which looks at ventilator strategies in patients without ARDS with respect to tidal… Read More

Papers of December 2018

Well the year maybe coming to a close but the high quality papers keep on coming out! We've got 3 great articles to cover in this episode which have some key points to reflect on in our practice. First up we take a look at the application of Canadian c-spine rules by ED triage nurses… Read More

Papers of November 2018

Welcome back to November's Papers Podcast. We've got 3 great papers for you again this month. First up we take a look at a paper that looks to quantify the amount of experience needed to be a proficient intubator, in this case in arrest. Next we have a look at a paper which shows a significant… Read More

Papers of October 2018

Welcome back to October's Papers Podcast, this month we move airway from advanced airway management and bring you a broad array of papers. First up we have a look at the relative success of a variety of pharmacological strategies for managing the acutely agitated patient in ED. Next up we have look at the well… Read More

Papers of September 2018

So we're back with September's papers of the month a little later than usual but we wanted to give you a little time to digest AIRWAYS-2... before we give you some more prehospital research on advanced airway management in cardiac arrest! The American version of AIRWAYS-2, PART, has just been released in JAMA, looking at… Read More