So we’re back from our summer hiatus with a real treat. The long awaited AIRWAYS-2 paper has just been released and we’ve been lucky enough to speak with the lead author, Professor Jonathan Benger, about the paper and discuss what the findings mean for cardiac arrest management.

AIRWAYS-2 looks at the initial advanced airway management strategy for paramedics attending out of hospital cardiac arrests, essentially whether or not the aim should be to place a supraglottic airway device or an endotracheal tube when advancing from simple airway techniques. The study was a huge undertaking with many speculating over how the results would change practice, including discussion of how it may affect paramedic’s practice of intubation, all of which we cover in the podcast.

Before you listen to the podcast make sure you have a look at the paper yourself which is available here, have a listen to PHEMCAST’s previous episode which covers the study design and have a look at the infographics below which summarise the primary outcome and secondary analysis and which we refer to in the interview with Professor Benger.

In the podcast we refer to Jabre’s paper which can be found below and we also covered in May’s papers podcast. Have a listen to the interview and let us know any thoughts or feedback you have, we’re sure this one will create a lot of discussion!

Effect of Bag-Mask Ventilation vs Endotracheal Intubation During CardiopulmonaryResuscitation on Neurological Outcome AfterOut-of-Hospital Cardiorespiratory Arrest: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Jabre P. JAMA. 2018 

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