Trauma in ED ’17

So today Rob and I were lucky enough to be asked to attend the Trauma Care Conference 2017, to listen to some of the great talks and catch up with some of the speakers for their take on the highlights of the talks.

We managed to catch the following speakers, here are the topics they covered and relevant links to the resources discussed.


Gareth Davies, Consultant Emergency Medicine, Royal London Hospital; Understanding where, when and how people die?

Dave Gay, Consultant Radiologist, Derriford Hospital; The Role of Ultrasound in Trauma

Ross Fisher, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon Sheffield Children’s Hospital; TARN report for paediatrics

p3 presentations

TARNlet Database

Fiona Lecky, Professor Emergency Medicine Sheffield, EM Consultant Salford; Traumatic Brain Injury: recent progress & future challenges

Simon Carley, Professor Emergency Medicine, Central Manchester; The Top 10 trauma papers of 2016

St Emlyn’s Top 10 +1 Trauma Papers 2016

Tim Rainer,  Professor Emergency Medicine, Cardiff; Permissive hypotension in blunt trauma

David Raven, Emergency Medicine Consultant, Heart of England Foundation Trust; HECTOR & Elderly Trauma

The HECTOR Course (& free online manual!!)

Have a listen to the podcast and again huge thanks to the speakers for taking their time to share their superb talks with a wider audience.


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