Papers of July ’17

We’re back with 3 superb topics this month!

First off we have a look at the utility of ultrasound for the detection of pneumothoraces in the context of blunt trauma.

Next we look at the need to scan facial bones when scanning a patient’s head following trauma.

Last of all we look at a paper reviewing the association between the use of a bougie and the first pass success when performing ED RSI.

Have a listen to the podcast and most importantly make sure you have a look at the references and critically appraise the papers yourself. We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments at the bottom of the page.



2 comments on “Papers of July ’17”
  1. Casey says:

    My thoughts on the EFAST For pneumothorax here:

    Thanks lads

    1. Simon Laing says:

      Thanks Casey, sorry had included it in the original blog post but added to podcast now. Thanks

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