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This winter we’ll be bringing you The Critical Appraisal Lowdown, an online course on the subject of critical appraisal.

Based on the delivery and format of TheResusRoom, Simon, Rob and James will be delivering a critical appraisal course in a podcast format hosted on a web platform covering the key areas of critical appraisal to enable you to appraisal the literature yourself. In addition the course will include a self-test area to allow you to objectively assess your knowledge and understanding, along with certificates of completion.

Whether you want to develop your understanding further in critical appraisal, prepare for an exam on the topic or simply refresh your critical appraisal skills, this course will be of use for you. Most importantly it will enable you to provide the best treatment to your patients with a sound application of evidence based medicine.

The course won’t be completely FOAM, we will be using it to fund increasing costs for TheResusRoom and ensure we can keep that coming to you completely FOAM! Rest assured we are keeping cost as low as possible and it will be great value as a resource.

There will be a weekly podcast available for free on iTunes delivering critical appraisal questions and answers on current evidence, giving you a feel for the course and helping improve your critical appraisal knowledge.

Keep an eye on this page for the release of the course and follow the course on the twitter handle here


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